For Budtenders and Dispensary Owners

A New Kind of Cannabis Company

We’re Different From the Ground Up

We visited hundreds of Oklahoma budtenders and dispensary owners across the state about products to understand what you, your patients, and your community needs.

We Carefully Listen to Your Comments

You don’t need more choices for the same product, you needed merchandise your patients can rely on. Additionally, you need a company that listens to your comments and uses that information to refine the formulation. In short, you need a company that innovates new products and provides the educational and marketing support needed to support patients.

We Take Action

Unlike other cannabis companies, from the start we knew we needed to be different. We needed to address the needs of Oklahoma patients and those of the dispensary owners and budtenders. To do that, we had to visit hundreds of dispensaries to ask them for their insights. Your input helps us create amazing products you and your patients want.

What happens at each step of the process

Surveying Dispensaries

We know the best way to understand the needs of the Oklahoma cannabis industry and its patients is to survey the people who know best what’s happening, dispensary owners and budtenders. So far, we’ve surveyed >200 Oklahoma dispensaries, with more to come.

Interpret the Feedback

Once we collect a round of surveys from dispensaries in an Oklahoma city like Tulsa, we sit down and comb over the feedback to learn what dispensaries tell us their patients need and want and what they don’t. 

Formulate Products

Armed with feedback from our surveys regarding every type of cannabis product, including flower, edibles, and elixirs, we get to work on formulating a pre-production product based on what we learned from dispensaries. 

Pre-production Samples

To ensure a product will be well-received by the Oklahoma cannabis market, we provide our Dispensary Partners (including managers, owners, and budtenders) with free pre-production product samples.

Budtender Feedback

We want to learn if our pre-production products pass muster with the budtenders. That’s why we ask for honest feedback. Our pre-production products all have QR codes to make it easy to provide feedback.


If, after gathering budtender feedback, we find out our formulation is not quite right, we’ll get to work on reformulating our products. But, again, we’re all about listening to the feedback and adjusting accordingly.

Budtender Education

One thing we heard over and over from dispensaries during surveying was that budtenders get little to no education about the products they are selling. So, we’re making sure that budtenders get the Rumble Club production education they need.

Exclusive Dispensary Drops

If you are a Rumble Club dispensary partner, you, along with only nine other dispensary partners in your area, get to carry our newest product for 30 days exclusively. In addition, no other shop within an hour of our dispensary will be selling our new product for 30 days.

Ready for Patients

After we surveyed dispensaries, formulated a pre-production cannabis product based on the surveys, chosen new dispensary partners, gathered the budtender’s feedback on pre-production products, and made sure they are dispensary-approved, do we produce a production product for you to sell to your patients.  

For dispensaries, budtenders, patients and the cannabis curious

We’re here to listen, hear and respond to your cannabis needs by providing you great products, education, and customer service.


We understand you love your job and working in the cannabis industry. We know too-often brands don’t see, listen or understand what you do, nor care. We know your job can be tough.

We also know…

Dispensary Owners & Managers

We understand there’s a big disconnect between the cannabis industry’s hype of making easy money and the many challenges you face serving customers and managing your dispensary.

We also know…


We understand for some, walking into a dispensary can be intimidating and overwhelming. For others, it’s a matter of whether a dispensary has what you want, at a price you can afford.

We also know…


We understand it’s the wild, wild west for you servicing the many Oklahoma dispensaries, especially the larger ones. We know that many dispensaries want to go it alone, and some want you to supply only some of their products and not others.

We also know…

Cannabis Curious

We understand you’re paying attention to the news, and maybe some cannabis-using friends, to learn about the medical cannabis industry in Oklahoma. We don’t know your fears, desires or what makes you so curious.

We also know…

Influencers & Press

We understand it’s a helluva thing to cover the ever-changing, emerging medical cannabis industry in Oklahoma. We know it’s probably not unlike covering the dotcom or gold rush era back in the day.

We also know…

Benefits of Joining the Dispensary Partnership Program

(AKA The Club)

Free Pre-Production Samples
Tell us the Truth about our products so we can make them better for you and your patients
First Access to Dispensary Survey Answers
Access to New Products +30% discount on new product for 1st orders
On-Demand, In-Person Product Education & Customer Service
Invitation to Club-Only Events
Dispensary Featured Online

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Medical cannabis products have intoxicating effects and may be habit-forming.

Cannabis products can impair concentration and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug.

There may be health risks associated with the consumption of this product.

For use only by adults twenty-one years old and older. Keep out of reach of children.

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