What makes us different?

The Short

Rumble Club, a new Oklahoma-based cannabis company owned by Modern Cannabis, currently grows cannabis on a farm outside of Oklahoma City. We use the cannabis grown on our local farm in a host of new cannabis products for Rumble Club, such as our flagship 25 MG THC-infused, fast-acting, taste-free QuickShot.

Rumble Club is committed to listening and responding to what the dispensaries and budtenders tell us about their patients’ needs, from great products to product education to customer service and more.

Contact us anytime at (405) 804-1886 or feedback@rumbleclub.com. We’re here to listen.

The Long

Rumble Club got its start when the founders, Jake Horton, Evan Purcell, and Gina Conedera, decided to take their hard-earned knowledge and honed experience from the California cannabis market to Oklahoma.

Their first order of business was to understand the Oklahoma landscape from the dispensaries’ and budtenders’ perspectives. So, last winter, days after being hired, Marie, our marketing head, drove around Oklahoma in 9-degree weather to talk with cannabis retailers all over the state.

She asked about the products, the vendors, and what was and wasn’t working for the dispensaries. We learned of the many challenges operators, and their patients face in the state’s burgeoning medical cannabis industry, including:

  • Beyond the hype, becoming a successful, profitable dispensary can be challenging.
  • The shelves are awash in products, but many don’t work for the patients.
  • Vendors often don’t listen, don’t understand the Oklahoma market, or don’t provide the education, customer service, or a buying process that the dispensaries need.

After Marie spoke with dozens of dispensary owners and budtenders, those on the frontlines of the cannabis industry, the Rumble Club team realized we needed to take a whole new approach to develop medical cannabis products for Oklahomans.

Based on the feedback collected from 100+ dispensaries, Gina and her team got to work rolling out Rumble Club’s flagship product, a 25mg THC-infused QuickShot. Edibles are next on the horizon so Gina’s days are filled with sugar and spice…that hits you right between the eyes with delight.

Though her day job revolves around formulating medical cannabis products, her roots as a pastry chef and passion for baking run deep. Spoiler alert…if you become a dispensary partner, there’s a very solid chance you will experience some lovin’ from her oven. Becoming a Rumble Club dispensary partner is worth Gina’s warm double chocolate chip cookies alone.

While Gina is handling products and education, Jake and Evan are either in the fields in Ft. Cobb monitoring the seasonal crop or building relationships with other local cannabis operators.

At 19 years old, Jake got his start in the California cannabis landscape selling what he grew going door to door (aka shop to shop). In those early days, there were very few “brands” that existed at that time. And there certainly was no testing, nothing. It was showing the dispensaries what you got and telling them what it was worth.

Jake says, The funniest thing about selling cannabis in 2014 in California was that he got teased for being so young. People would ask, “Hey dude, who’s weed is this? Is this your weed? Who are you selling it for, your dad? Is your dad or uncle going to come in?”

But despite the hazing, they bought Jake’s weed and never stopped. Jake discovered his knack for growing quality flower and in getting to know dispensary and delivery service owners, he and Evan were bound to meet.

At the time, Evan was running a delivery service for Modern Medicine. As their relationship grew, Jake and Evan realized they shared a passion for hard work and high-quality cannabis products. However, Jake admits now that Evan had a greater appreciation for top-shelf flower. They continued to sell oil and flower across California while observing the impact of legalization on a previously medical state. Evan has always been dogged in his belief that loyalty and providing good value products are essential for building solid relationships; all-important in the wild, wild west of U.S. cannabis.

In 2018 when the California regulations impacted delivery services, Evan was working with a concentrates’ producer when Gina joined their team to expand sales and education. Jake recalls the first time Evan told him about Gina. He remembers saying, “Dude. We just hired this new bad-ass woman recently and I think she might actually be able to help us.”

What do they say, “It was a match made in heaven.” An informed cultivator (Jake) meets cannabis connoisseur with a financial mind and delivery service experience (Evan) meets bad-ass pastry chef and former consumer product goods developer (Gina).

Jake and Evan set their sights on the heartland and planted their inaugural Oklahoma grow the following season. Just a few months in, they decided to go for broke and build a vertically integrated cannabis company, including a production chain, a supply chain of biomass-to-sale product lines including indoor/outdoor and greenhouse flower. They wanted to offer the newly-minted Oklahoma cannabis market everything possible, from infused edibles to exotic strains and more.


That is the end to our long story and the beginning of Rumble Club!

We’re here to help. If you have a question please ask.

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Advantages for Dispensary Partners

Free Pre-Production Samples
Tell us the Truth about our products so we can make them better for you your patients
First Access to Dispensary Survey Answers
Access to New Products +30% discount on new product for 1st orders
On-Demand, In-Person Product Education & Customer Service
Invitation to Club-Only Events
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Medical cannabis products have intoxicating effects and may be habit-forming.

Cannabis products can impair concentration and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug.

There may be health risks associated with the consumption of this product.

For use only by adults twenty-one years old and older. Keep out of reach of children.